Lesson 32: Vocabulary for basic colors in Vietnamese

Learning the vocabulary for basic colors in Vietnamese is essential for anyone interested in the language. Vietnamese color names are straightforward and often descriptive, making them relatively easy to remember. Below is a detailed list of basic color vocabulary in Vietnamese along with examples and additional context for usage.

Basic Colors in Vietnamese

Red – Màu đỏ

  • Hoa hồng màu đỏ
  • Red rose

Blue – Màu xanh dương

  • Trời hôm nay màu xanh dương
  • The sky is blue today

Green – Màu xanh lá cây

  • Cây này có lá màu xanh lá cây
  • This tree has green leaves

Yellow – Màu vàng

  • Mặt trời màu vàng
  • The sun is yellow

Black – Màu đen

  • Tóc của cô ấy màu đen
  • Her hair is black

White – Màu trắng

  • Áo dài màu trắng
  • White áo dài, a traditional Vietnamese dress

Brown – Màu nâu

  • Đất màu nâu
  • The soil is brown

Purple – Màu tím

  • Hoa cà màu tím
  • The eggplant flower is purple

Pink – Màu hồng

  • Váy màu hồng
  • Pink dress

Orange – Màu cam

  • Quả cam màu cam
  • The orange fruit is orange

Gray – Màu xám

  • Bầu trời màu xám
  • The sky is gray

Usage Tips

  • Adjective Placement: In Vietnamese, adjectives usually follow the noun they describe. For example, “red car” is “xe màu đỏ” (car red).
  • Cultural Context: Colors can have different cultural significances in Vietnam. For instance, red and yellow are auspicious colors often used during festivals and celebrations, while white is worn during mourning.
  • Nuances in Shades: While basic color terms are commonly used, Vietnamese speakers may also use descriptive terms to convey different shades. For example, “light blue” might be “xanh nhạt” (light green/blue) and “dark green” might be “xanh đậm” (dark green/blue).

Practice Sentences

  • Tôi thích áo màu đỏ.
  • I like the red shirt.


  • Nhà tôi có một chiếc xe màu xanh lá cây.
  • My house has a green car.


  • Cô ấy mặc váy màu tím.
  • She is wearing a purple dress.


  • Trời hôm nay nhiều mây, màu xám.
  • Today the sky is cloudy, gray.


Understanding and using vocabulary for basic colors in Vietnamese opens up a world of descriptive possibilities and enriches communication. By practicing these terms and paying attention to cultural nuances, learners can effectively incorporate color vocabulary into their daily conversations.

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