Lesson 2: Introducing yourself in Vietnamese

Introducing yourself is one of the first steps in learning a new language, as it allows you to start conversations and form connections with others. “Lesson 2: Introducing yourself in Vietnamese” will cover how to introduce yourself in Vietnamese, including key phrases, vocabulary, and cultural tips.

1. Basic Introduction Phrases


Tên tôi là…

  • Usage: This phrase means “My name is…” and is a straightforward way to introduce yourself.
  • Example:
    • Tên tôi là Lan.
    • My name is Lan


Tôi là…

  • Usage: This means “I am…” and can be used to introduce your name, occupation, or nationality.
  • Example:
    • Tôi là học sinh.
    • I am a student.
    • Tôi là người Mỹ.
    • I am American.


Tôi đến từ…

  • Usage: This phrase means “I come from…” and is used to state your place of origin.
  • Example:
    • Tôi đến từ Việt Nam.
    • I come from Vietnam.

2. Detailed Self-Introduction


Talking about your name and age

  • Vocabulary:
    • Tên —  Name
    • TuổiAge
  • Examples:
    • Tên tôi là Mai, tôi 25 tuổi.
    • My name is Mai, I am 25 years old.
    • Tôi là Nam, tôi 30 tuổi.
    • I am Nam, I am 30 years old.


Talking about your occupation

  • Vocabulary:
    • Nghề nghiệpOccupation
    • Giáo viênTeacher
    • Kỹ sưEngineer
    • Bác sĩDoctor
  • Examples:
    • Tôi là giáo viên.
    • I am a teacher.
    • Tôi làm kỹ sư.
    • I work as an engineer.


Talking about your nationality

  • Vocabulary:
    • Quốc tịchNationality
    • Người MỹAmerican
    • Người PhápFrench
    • Người Nhật Japanese
  • Examples:
    • Tôi là người Mỹ.
    • I am American.
    • Tôi đến từ Pháp.
    • I come from France.


Talking about your hobbies

  • Vocabulary:
    • Sở thích — Hobbies
    • Đọc sách — Reading
    • Nghe nhạc — Listening to music
    • Chơi thể thao — Playing sports
  • Examples:
    • Sở thích của tôi là đọc sách.
    • My hobby is reading.
    • Tôi thích nghe nhạc và chơi thể thao.
    • I like listening to music and playing sports.

3. Cultural Tips for Introducing Yourself

a. Formal vs. Informal Introductions

  • In Vietnamese culture, it is important to adjust the formality of your introduction based on the context. Use formal language and titles when meeting someone for the first time or in a professional setting.

b. Use of Titles

  • Titles such as “anh” (older brother), “chị” (older sister), “ông” (Mr.), and “bà” (Mrs.) show respect and should be used when addressing others.

c. Bowing and Handshakes

  • A slight bow or nod is customary when introducing yourself, especially to elders. Handshakes are common but should be gentle and accompanied by a smile. You can shake hands before introducing yourself in Vietnamese.

4. Common Phrases and Questions


Bạn tên là gì?

  • Usage: This question means “What is your name?
  • Example Response:
    • Tên tôi là Hoa.
    • My name is Hoa.


Bạn bao nhiêu tuổi?

  • Usage: This question means “How old are you?
  • Example Response:
    • Tôi 28 tuổi.
    • I am 28 years old.


Bạn làm nghề gì?

  • Usage: This question means “What do you do for a living?
  • Example Response:
    • Tôi là nhân viên văn phòng.
    • I am an office worker.


Bạn đến từ đâu?

  • Usage: This question means “Where are you from?
  • Example Response:
    • Tôi đến từ Canada.
    • I come from Canada.


Bạn thích làm gì?

  • Usage: This question means “What do you like to do?
  • Example Response:
    • Tôi thích du lịch và nấu ăn.
    • I like traveling and cooking.

By mastering these introducing yourself in Vietnamese phrases and understanding the cultural context, you’ll be able to introduce yourself confidently and make a positive impression in Vietnamese-speaking environments.

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